Cisco 2500 Series – Router


The Cisco 2500 series routers provide a variety of models designed for branch office and remote site environments. These routers are typically fixed configuration with at least two of the following interfaces:

  • Ethernet (AUI)
  • 10BaseT Ethernet hub
  • Token Ring
  • Synchronous serial
  • Asynchronous serial




Cisco 2500 routers come with Flash EPROM technology for simplified software maintenance. These systems support a variety of Cisco IOS software feature sets, so you can choose a feature set that supports your specific protocol environment. The software feature sets range from an IP and bridging-only to the full array of Cisco`s software functionality, including APPN and RMON.

Mission-specific models contain less memory and less hardware functionality to support a subset of protocols. Each mission-specific model can be upgraded to full router capability by downloading a new Cisco IOS software feature set and, if necessary, adding memory.

Cisco 2500 series models can be divided into the following categories:

  • Single LAN routers — Models 2501, 2502, 2503, 2504, 2520, 2521, 2522 and 2523
  • Mission-specific, entry-level routers — Models 2501CF, 2501LF, 2502CF, 2502LF, 2503I, 2504I, 2520CF, 2520LF, 2521CF, 2521LF, 2522CF, 2522LF, 2523CF and 2523LF
  • Router/hub combinations — Models 2505, 2507 and 2516
  • Access servers — Models 2509 to 2512 (refer to the “Cisco 2500 Series Access Servers” section in the “Access Servers” chapter in the catalog)
  • Dual LAN routers — Models 2513, 2514 and 2515
  • Modular routers — Models 2524 and 2525 (optional integrated DSU/CSU or NT-1)


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