HP J2611a Switch


The HP J2611B AdvanceStack Hub-16U is a multiport repeater with 16
twisted-pair network ports. With this hub, you can connect computers and
other devices together in an unshielded twisted-pair cable network. The hub
is compliant with the IEEE 802.3 Type 10Base-T standard and supports both
802.3 and Ethernet networks.



Network Connections 16 RJ-45 (twisted-pair) ports to connect to end nodes or other devices.
A Media Dependent Interface (MDI) switch for Port 16 which allows you to
connect either an end node (MDI-X position) or to cascade a hub (MDI position)
to the port, using a “straight-through” twisted-pair cable in both cases.
Upgradeable Design A management slot in the back of the hub enables you to install an HP
AdvanceStack 8U/16U SNMP Module. With the module, you can serially
connect an ASCII console to the module to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot
the hub.
An AUI/Xcvr Slot in the front of the hub for several types of transceiver modules
including ThinLAN, AUI, twisted-pair, and fiber-optic. With the optional ThinLAN
transceiver, you can “hot-swap” a hub. Hot-swap means that removing a hub
connected to other hubs through the ThinLAN transceiver does not bring down
the network; you can upgrade or replace hubs in a stack with the network up
and running. All modules with an external transceiver allow you to connect to
an Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 LAN. The twisted-pair module adds another RJ-45 port
for a total of 17 twisted-pair ports on the hub. The fiber-optic module allows you
to connect your hub to a fiber-optic backbone.
Modular, Easy-to-Use Design LEDs showing power, activity, collisions, and port status provide quick, easy-toread
hub status information and troubleshooting assistance.
Metal brackets (included with the hub) that can be easily attached to the hub
for mounting the hub in a standard 19-inch telco rack or on a wall.
Standards-Based Compatibility Compatible with the IEEE 802.3 Type 10Base-T standard to support both 802.3
and Ethernet networks.


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