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Jumbo International Company is your first destination in the computer world

Since its establishment in 2008, we have come a long way and achieved many achievements to become one of the most prominent retailers in the region in the field of computers and electronics, Tthrough our spread outlets or through our website .

Our success lies in our constant quest to provide a unique shopping experience to our customers, in addition to providing after-sales and maintenance services with utmost precision and speed. We always strive to include the best engineers, technicians and cadres for our support team, To provide our customers with services that suit them, Meet their requirements and satisfy their needs.


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We Do All Types Of Maintenance With The Best Quality


We Do All Types Of Maintenance With The Best Quality

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For More Than 200 K.D
We always care about our customers, we provide high quality service and the best solutions for Individuals, companies, organizations and hospitals thanks to the latest technology and automation of development processes.

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